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Tatiana Takaeva- creator of Arttitud, San Francisco's premiere art gallery and design Showroom- announces that international artist Valery Yershov, will be a featured guest at a VIP art grand opening reception on November 14, 2012 at 111 Potrero Avenue. 

"We are bringing a highly talented Russian artist from New York, whose pieces are collected by top collectors in the world, such as Norton Townshend Dodge, Mikhail Prokhorov, Versace and others. His work has been displayed alongside pieces by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Renoir, Dmitri Plavinsky and Mikhail Shemyakin. He is a rising star and we are thrilled to introduce Yershov to Californian art lovers. We will also have collectors from Europe and New York following the event," states Takaeva. 

The fantasy fairy tale aspects of Yershov's work inspired Takaeva, but on a more pragmatic level, she connected to Yershov's unusual talent "I really appreciate his amazing skill and great sense of humor," she shares. 

Anachronism is a steady motif in Yershov's paintings. In one, Vladimir Putin and Grigori Rasputin stand together in Cosmonaut uniforms. In another, Lady Gaga is a peasant maid in work clothes over a century ago. Robert Pattinson wears the naval uniform of Czar Nicolas in another. "I think he's hilarious and is famous for comic work, playing with pop culture and history" Takaeva says. 

"I spent quite a few years creating this series, the paintings exhibiting in Arttitud will be shown for the first time in the world. They have not yet been in any exhibitions," Yershov proudly shares. Some of the pieces are coming from private collections and have never been displayed publicly. 

To attend the event please RSVP online at: (Capacity is limited). VIP Preview is from 6pm to 7pm
Grand Opening Reception from 7pm to 9pm
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
at 111 Potrero Avenue. 

This Museum caliber art opening will feature luxury entertainment, Russian caviar and vodka tasting (VIP Preview), award-winning R&B Cellars wines, cocktails, appetizers. 

Performance by Russian opera singer Jimmy Magsevei from the Berlin Opera House.
Valery Yershov
Absurdist Classical Anachronism
Artist Valery Yershov presents a saturated and vivid view of the world. His works exhibit tremendous skill - a combination of imagination, extraordinary talent and a colorful private life. Yershov studied in St. Petersburg and was a member of the association avant-garde artists in Furmanny Lane in Moscow. In 1991, he came to New York York where he reinvented himself. He was drawn to the most subtle details of absurd characters settled down in the halls of classic luxury interiors. 

He thrives on anachronistic mayhem with pop stars past and present: Rasputin and Putin together; American football players in medieval tights; Justin Bieber as a Little Rascal; Lady Gaga in 19th century peasant attire; Björk as European aristocracy centuries past. 

Recognition came quickly: by collectors such as Gianni Versace, who once bought a few paintings in the style of the classics. Yershov invented his own world - the absurd and the real time. 

In recent years, the artist turned to the work of the old masters painting, particularly Vermeer, and his paintings were filled with new meaning. Classical vision and perfect technique brought Yershov success. His paintings are sold in galleries in Europe and North America. Prices for his works are increasing at auctions in Europe and America. 

"In his native Russia, Valery Yershov was an abstract painter, but for the last 15 years the New York transplant has mastered the art of detail, quietly building a cult following for painstakingly rendered, lushly appointed period interiors peopled by farmyard animals. Though it is tempting to suggest that his gently surrealistic images are a commentary on Western decadence, Yershov, 45, has a more diplomatic take. The devoted dogs, dandy cats, humble goats and sneaky rabbits of childhood Russian folk tales are as much a part of his visual vocabulary "as the gold, blue and red of ornate Faberge eggs," says the artist, whose Manhattan apartment is sparsely decorated with chinoiserie and vintage pieces. Yershov has an architect's eye for perspective, placing his beasts in elegant rooms with vaulted ceilings, arched doorways, parquet floors and neoclassical sculpture. "I like mixing together different styles, the Asian and the European," he says."
- Los Angeles Times, January 12, 2006 

"Valery Yershov, an up and coming star- not just on the Russian art scene, but- on the the world art scene, because much as the Chinese took over the auction houses and the galleries a couple of years ago, watch out, the Russians are coming."
- Charles A. Riley II, PhD, art curator, writer and historian

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09 November 2012